Tuesday, September 23, 2014


     Welcome, my friends, to A Pulse-Check on Entertainment!  On this blog, I will provide you lovely people with reviews of poetry, books, movies, and television shows.  

     Much to the chagrin, I'm certain, to the Type-A and the OCD, the reviews will not happen at regular intervals.  Rather, they will be published as soon as I finish the book, movie, or show. 

     The reviews will hopefully have a broad scope of genres, styles, and mediums, including BBC productions, anime, manga, fiction and non-fiction, fantasy, sic-fi, and so on and so forth.  

     For the shows, they will be given a master grade on a 10-point scale.  They will be graded on plot, characters, acting (live or voice), visuals, and sound.

     Books will likewise be graded on a 10-point scale, and will be graded on plot, characters, atmosphere, and language.

     Poetry will not be graded, but simply analyzed, and praised when praise is due.

     I hope this blog enlightens my readers and encourages them to read and watch with broad horizons.  

     - Æ

     P. S. This blog will not be entirely spoiler-free.  I will do my best to leave out major spoilers, but on the whole, moderate spoilers will inevitably be spoiled in order to make a well-rounded, respectable argument.  

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